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Turtleneck, Ombre Midi Skirt & Leather Booties

Matt And Chanel

Happy Fall everyone! 
I never really find myself in the summer missing Fall.
But it's here and i'm actually kind of excited.

I've lightened my work load this Fall so I can really focus on school
and some future REALLY exciting plans. 
I just can't quite announce that yet!
But i'll give you guys a hint: Apple...

Bought this turtleneck from Simply Chic last January.
I think it was only like $17 or $27 and its a must-have-basic.
I've also styled it here and here.
When all else fails just throw on a turtleneck #instantclass.
Because seriously who fucks with a girl in a turtleneck?
I threw it on with this Ombre Slit Midi Skirt because I LITERALLY
couldn't find anything else to match it.
This skirt is so awesome but it's a little out of my taste zone.
I bought it at Nordstrom a little while ago when I was preparing for Sasquatch.
Never ended up wearing it this whole summer because I felt a tank top or crop top didn't do it justice.
Finally, I got into the fall mood and a turtleneck popped up in my head.
Paired it with some  socks and my favorite patent leather boots and wa-la!

Photography by Erica Nichole

Simply Chic Basic Turtleneck


A Romper With A Flare

Matt And Chanel

Short girls can wear wide-legged pants too.
As long as you get the pant legs hemmed.
Believe it or not, I'm only 5'4.

Picked this sleek summer romper up from Simply Chic!
It has all the perfect details:
1)Deep V Front
2)Exposed Back
3)Wide Leg Hem
4) & it's Black!

This romper is unfortunately sold out, but you can shop their other rompers here.

Photography by Stephanie Jarstad

Simply Chic Wide Leg Romper
H&M Wide Brim Hat
H&M Tote
Dolce Vita Leather Sandals


Sunshine in Seattle Is Magical

Matt And Chanel

Seattle is seriously a whole different planet when the
sun comes out. 

The past few weeks we've been having on and off
amazing weather.
My greatest memories in my life have always happened in the summer.
So naturally the sun brings out the best of me.
I just AHHH really love the sun.
Majority of the people I follow on insta are from Sydney or LA.
Sun capitals.
I just really like sun okay?

This whole outfit minus the shoes is from
The shoes are from Nordstrom Rack.

Just to clarify a few things:
Yes, i work for
I am the assistant manager & the social media strategist.
Yes, that is me on occasionally modeling.

Just a few random facts about me:
I am a  professional multitasker.
I love to stay busy and love to wear many hats.
I am a hands on learner ALL DAY.
And I really like clothes.

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography

Simply Chic Overalls
Simply Chic White Tee
Simply Chic Lush Oversized Blazer(similar)
Nordstrom Rack Jeffrey Campbell Point Toe Heels(not similar but still cute and JC)


Urbanity Pha-Real Tee + Leather Slit Skirt

Matt And Chanel

I never want to be TOO girly or TOO street, so I try to balance them both. Together I feel they achieve a good harmony.
Picked this shirt up from a new store in Bellevue, WA (10 minutes from Seattle) called Urbanity. They have ALL the must-have street wear, especially for men. If you're at all Street influenced, I highly suggest you scroll through their Instagram for some eye candy.

I'm finally back to a normal schedule with school and work for the time being. Holiday season was crazy fun and busy for me with work and family. Now I'm ready for a productive and eventful 2014. Especially with my new Keurig I just got for Christmas. Seriously, my favorite gift.

Urbanity Pha-Real Tee
Simply Chic Tear Drop Necklace
Poshmark Lumberjack Flannel
Simply Chic Leather Slit Skirt
Nordstrom Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Heels


P.S. Shop the look below.