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Fall Dressing With Pipe & Row Part 3

Matt And Chanel

A little something to brighten up your December.
Today's post includes the last installment of my collaboration with Pipe & Row. From head to toe, I picked out this outfit from their store located in Fremont(Seattle,WA). This beautiful cobalt blue dress is from one of my favorite designers at the shop, Cameo The Label. Love love love this brand. This dress is from their Animalia collection! Which can we please have a moment of silence for their latest collection, Platform?!??! It's so good minus the floral print pieces. The denim tie-top.. I die.

Anywho, I paired my cobalt dress with a Cameo The Label blazer and a simple turtleneck to add some sophistication and "fall-ness". Now that I look at the pictures I probably should've left it out. With such a high neckline and color blocking already it really wasn't needed. Maybe to just tie in the shoes I guess? Either way, love this dress and how it has a drop waist. This is perfect for my narrow hips. It gives the illusion of curves ;). 

P.S. Huge thanks to Pipe & Row for teaming up with me for this collaboration. 
You can view my other outfits feat. their pieces here and here.

Photography by Connor Surdi

Outfit by Pipe & Row


Fall Dressing With Pipe & Row Part 2

Matt And Chanel

Happy Monday everyone!
Today's post is a head-to-toe outfit from one of my favorite boutiques in Seattle, Pipe & Row! I honestly feel like this is my first legit fall outfit post of the year. And now it's almost winter. Jeez! I've always raved about how much I love turtlenecks, so this year I finally stocked up on a few in different colors. I really do enjoy them so I can wear them out when i'm exploring the city + they're perfect for work! My internship is in a soho loft office with a start-up vibe, so I definitely have fun with my outfits but like to keep things professional. As casual and street this outfit may look, I say it's totally office appropriate in my case. I think the turtleneck added a sophisticated touch! Yeah? For those of you in the Seattle area, stop by Pipe & Row in Fremont! Everyone else, shop them online at <3

Photography by Connor Surdi

Outfit by Pipe & Row


Fall 2014 Haul Part 2: Cashmere Hair, Alexander Wang x H&M & More! [Video]

Matt And Chanel

It's been a WHOLE month since my last video! Sorry...
As you all might know I've been pretty busy getting settled here in New York but I'm finally into a groove and finding time to schedule/post things! I've got another vid and a few more outfit posts I shot back in Seattle that I will be posting soon. THEN finally I'll start posting some outfits and vids from New York! I'm already thinking about filming a Fall/Winter Haul Part 3? Watch Part 2 below!

Nordstrom Rack

Michal Kors Rhubarb Keton Sneakers(similar) -

Mirrored Lens Sunglasses(similar) -

Shop Prima DonnaRendezvous Snakeskin Heels -
Morpheus Mirrored Sunglasses -

Denim Midi Skirt(similar) -

Bar iii

Pleated Tweed Dress(similar) -
Fringed Tunic Sweater -

Sassy Goodnight

Paloma Skirt -

Cashmere Hair

The Cashmere Brush -
Extension Shine Spray -

Alexander Wang x H&M

Promo Jersey -


Greetings from NYC!

Matt And Chanel

Alright, so as you all may know.. I'm in NYC! I've been planning this big move since the end of Summer and I still can not believe I'm like ACTUALLY here.
The past week and a half have just been pretty much magical. I haven't felt this type of drive and pure happiness for life in a long time. To be exact, it's been a little over a year and a few months since I have. All the way back to after I started my blog: I speak about this moment a lot, but I will never forget the day H&M reached out to me and offered me my first HUGE collaboration, it's like my whole world became bigger and brighter and my goals so much more clearer. At that moment I realized like hey I'm not a small blogger anymore and maybe I have something going on. Such a good good feeling! That lasted awhile and eventually left a few months later when my mom passed away. I'm not going to get too into but I will say she was my #1 fan, by far. Not just with my blog, but just with life in general. Anytime I got any exciting news she was always the first person I'd call, always. And after she passed it was just really hard getting back that drive and happiness I felt before. It was almost like if I'm not doing it for her, who am I doing it for? Yes, I have the few thousand of you that check out my blog each month but ugh life is just hard in general when your mom passes away, ok? But anyways back to what I was saying- that optimistic and magical feeling I once I once felt is is finally back.

It came back probably midday last Tuesday. It was my second day at my internship and I was.. killing it! I was like wow. Ok. You're doing it. They asked you to travel across the country for a reason and you're reassuring them that they made the right decision. You did it. The whole month of November my anxiety was in and out and then the final week before I had to leave- it was so so so bad. I was excited of course but so nervous. I was on my way to intern at a global digital ad agency in one of the most prized neighborhoods in the city, Soho. The city and the new job was all something so unfamiliar to me I was sick to my stomach. My boyfriend threw me a surprise get-together and I was fighting my anxiety through the whole dinner. It was scary having such big obligations and commitment on the line, and still not being truly confident that I could do it. But here I am two weeks ago from that dinner and I fucking did it. I flew into New York on a Friday night, found an apartment Saturday morning, moved in Sunday night and started work on Monday and.. killed it! Everyday I get off work and walk down Prince St towards Broadway. I pass by the cutest red brick, walk-up town homes, this cute little macaron stand and amazing stores like & Other Stories, Fendi, Miu Miu and it's all so liberating. Like yessss I'm finally in a fashion capital. Like yes, a high percentage of strangers on the street will actually appreciate the outfits I put together. And omg, yessss there is nothing like real life street style inspiration. I've already cloned a few outfit techniques from random people walking around. It's just so awesome. Everything I assumed and more. A few of my coworkers aren't from New York originally as well and the feelings are mutual. It's just truly a magical place and I can't help but to think my mom had something to do with all my luck these past couple of days. My apartment has my mom written all over it. It's super modern, stainless steel, tons of natural light, high ceilings and very big for nyc standards. My mom would have absolutely loved it and wouldn't wanted as bad as I did. Also, I'm working in a loft-style office and it's just so modern and hip. It's on the 16th floor with an amazing view of the city. The company brings us treats or food pretty much everyday. Also, everyone their has been extremely kind to me. It's perfect! The other day I posted a pic on ig and the caption went something like "NYC has been so good to me" and I really couldn't be more honest with that statement. New York City is a dream come true. Finally!

Bar iii Tweed Dress
H&M Wool Hat
Shop Priceless Basic Ankle Strap Heels


Pipe & Row Is In Seattle, H&M Has Gift Labels & I'm Moving?!

Matt And Chanel

Today's post: a little bit about me,  a new boutique in Seattle AND a cute way to give back this holiday season. 

So get ready for a good ol' long post!

First, I'll start with the outfit: I can't exactly recall how I came about Pipe & Row's Instagram but that doesn't even matter because I did. And I'm so so happy that I did. As I've stated many times before, Seattle is not a fashion capital. A lot of people may be aware of the latest trends being worn in all the major cities of the world, but rarely do Seattleites actually take the plunge and invest in it. It's just not a big necessity here. I can even second that. I freaking love Nasty Gal's clothing. One of my favorite online destinations for clothing. But in all honestly it never crosses my mind to actually buy something from there. The two items I own from Nasty Gal were purchased with a $100 gift card I magically won from them one day via Instagram. But I mean honestly, the whole plunging and investing definitely has a lot to do with my budget (i'm a college student). When I really sit down and look at where I buy majority of my clothes and shoes it's most definitely H&M, Nordstrom Rack and this cute little boutique I work At (WHICH MY LAST DAY IS ON SATURDAY :/ I'LL GET MORE INTO THAT LATER ON IN THIS POST)! Any who, I totally never went into the outfit, but my main point was that Seattle will most likely not be getting a Nasty Gal storefront anytime soon and really cool Australian labels like Cameo and The Fifth are nowhere to be found around here until now... say hello to Pipe + Row!! When I found their Instagram and saw they were carrying Cameo the first thing that popped into my little fashion blogger mind was 'collaboration'. And then boomed it happened. On todays post my long sleeve tee, tank and shorts are all from Pipe + Row. All the brands and yadiyada will be at the bottom of this post. This is 1 of 3 outfits I styled with them so stay tuned for two more!! And for all you Seattleites yearning for some Aussie labels they are located in Fremont!

Ok now on to a little more about me. I'll just skip straight to the point and come out and say I'm moving to New York for 6 months!!!! :D I leave next Friday. Like this is really happening. Finally. This whole move has nothing to do with my blog but then again it kind of does. I will be doing a 6 month internship for a digital ad agency located in the heart of Soho Manhattan. Dream. Come. True. Like literally out of all the internships I applied for this was the perfect one. Here's the twist tho, they have no fashion clients! But wait you're like a fashion blogger majoring in marketing why wouldn't you want to intern in fashion? How does this have to do with your blog? Well I mean honestly with all the little collabs, events and reading up on Fashionista I've gotten a pretty decent look at how marketing in the fashion industry works. What I really need to get a grasp on are the basics of marketing and all the latest technology and aydjhskjhdkas. Basically, fashion is a very very personal interest of mine and I can tie it back to almost anything, including any knowledge of marketing. Also I feel like at the moment it'd be so weird and almost too much to be a fashion blogger and work in the fashion industry. Like I feel like i'd be devoting a lot of my life to a industry that in return has given me 'woo-hoo'- a couple thousand followers and a few free items every now and then. Over the past few months there has been some mild fashion blogger drama within Seattle and it's made me realize how caught up I was in it all. Like I need some 'normalness' in my life. As i'm writing this, last night was my first time seeing some of my closest friends since the beginning of summer! Like who does that? Yes, I've been busy with school and work as well but the fact that I was able to just cut off and not see my friends for that long of time is so not normal to me. And yes, technically I'm doing it again by going off to New York, but this time around I'm definitely keeping them as a priority. I'll be alone in this amazing city and will need all the support and comfort from back home I can get! Also on a side note I'm going to be doing long distance with my boyfriend which is like.. UGH :( He's so worth it though. So worth it <3. But yeah my last day at Simply Chic is this Saturday and next freaking Friday morning I am off to New York City. I'll definitely be updating my Instagram and Twitter frequently throughout this journey so get ready! Also, if there is any bloggers or idk not creepy people reading this that reside in nyc; hit me up! I'm definitely trying to take advantage of these next 6 months so I'd love to like idk grab coffee and talk fashion or go to all the cool events that happen there! I know there's a few of you that I mutually follow on Insta so I'm definitely trying to connect. Everyone else: if you want to see a sort of behind the scenes glimpse of my life in nyc and well leading up to my flight in this next week add me on snapchat! My username is chanel_robinson <3 I'll be snapping away! I'm so addicted lately. Love the updates. Like what you can send money now? AH. Technology is so cool.

To find out the cute little way to give back this holiday season scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of this post!

Photography by Connor Surdi

Pipe + Row JOA Button Up(similar)
Shoe Dazzle GX by Gwen Stefani Lace Up Heels


It is my joy to spread the news to you all about H&M's latest way of giving back: GIFT LABELS!
Available both online and in-store, every set of gift labels sold, the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate double the sales price to the Care Organization! So if you're running low on gift labels from last year, H&M is the perfect place to pick up a set of new ones as well as a few gifts for your loved ones. Below I've picked a few of my faves from their Gift Giving selection. Enjoy!

Strollin' around Capitol Hill

Matt And Chanel

I'm feeling the colors in these pics today. Such a pretty day out in the SEA. 
'Our rain' is back and in full effect. This past weekend was a little cray for those who lost their power around here. Saturday night was crazy windy when I was at work and our lights started flickering. I was so happy and relieved to come home to not only a warm house but one with lights. My Facebook was a sass fest that night. Poor people! Even bae was beefing. I went over to his house Monday night and had to take a detour because a power line fell over. I left my phone at home (I'M SO FORGETFUL SOMETIMES) so when I finally arrived he was sitting in the dark with a flashlight pissed af. LOL. But i'm pretty sure our meal at 8 oz. Burger Bar more than made up for that. Best. Burger. Ever. Also, small world. I recently reached out to a photographer I've never worked with before and scheduled a shoot and when I told bae his name.. whaddya know- they played basketball together in high school and even played in a tournament this summer. I swear this dude knows everybody. Anywho, the photographer goes by Connor Surdi and he's SO GOOD! Below are the photos from our first of many more sessions to come. It was a pretty effortless shoot. We wandered around Capitol Hill and shot what we felt looked best. We also ran into a boxer puppy so we OBVI had to take pics with it.
Prepare to die when you see the photos.. below!

Photography by Connor Surdi Photo

Simply Chic Get Wrapped Up Top
H&M Grid Pattern Pants(similar)
H&M Red Satchel(similar)