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A Simple Summer Outfit

Matt And Chanel

Black and white accompanied by a pop of red. My unexpected go to color choice.
 Received this top from the seriously rad owner of a boutique called Satori in Tacoma, WA. She has a beautiful, clean and simple aesthetic she goes for when selecting her clothes.

Visit Satori here.

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography

Satori Scoop Neck Top
H&M Wool Hat
H&M Red Clutch

Forever 21 Track Pants


Stripes & Deep Cuts

Matt And Chanel

He asked me what my favorite position was. I said CEO.

Hi, my name is Chanel!

Sorry I had to throw in that corny icebreaker up there. 
Quotes of that nature seriously crack me up. 
And I meant that in every ambitious, non suggestive or gold digging way possible.

OK, onto the outfit:
Remember that cool little insta-vid I took a couple of weeks ago in Satori Boutique?
Well, I'm finally showcasing one of the items I picked up: this striped skirt!
Black and white stripes in any shape or form are always good to have. Such a good basic to rely on.

And yes. You are probably wondering, dying, screaming with excitement about these shoes.
You will die when you find out where I got them.
Drum roll...... Shoe Dazzle. Lol.

I don't want to throw any salt or shade on Shoe Dazzle but I mean honestly whenever I hear those words I think of cheap, bright, patterned, tacky, overly saturated trendy shoes. 
Up until this point I never even took the time to look through their inventory and clarify all my allocations. I just assumed.
Which is a big no-no I'm realizing. In fashion and just in life in general.

In my Shoe Dazzle shade throwing defense- these killer heels were part of the Gwen Stefani x Shoe Dazzle Collection. So, I mean, that's really probably why they are actually really super cute AND from Shoe Dazzle.

Either way, they were an amazing find at a great price(first orders are 50% off) and I couldn't be happier.

I will definitely be getting some use out these babies.

Oh, and my crop top is from Nasty Gal. I also wore it here. And my clutch is from H&M and I've worn it quite a few times here, here, here, here, and here

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography

Nasty Gal Deep V Crop Top
Satori Striped Skirt
Shoe Dazzle GX by Gwen Stefani Lace Up Heels