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I've Missed My Layers


I've Missed My Layers

Chanel Robinson

Jacket by Opening Ceremony | Coat by H&M | Denim by ASOS | Boots by Steve Madden

I've been told many times that Fall is seriously the best time to be in New York- and the polls don't lie.  There's nothing like bundling up in your favorite fall pieces and roaming the streets of Manhattan. Will never ever ever ever get old. I'm just now creeping up on my one year anniversary here (November 30th) and the past two months have really solidified my existence here. I'm not sure when I'll be able to officially call myself a New Yorker, but I'm definitely set staying here for at least another 5 years. With that said, to get here I've had to work my butt off the past few months and adjust my priorities so IM SO SORRY FOR BEING A GARBAGE BLOGGER!!!!! Like literally, besides yesterday and one post last week, I hadn't posted on Instagram in three weeks!! If you follow me on Snapchat you might've heard me explain why- basically my social media hiatus was completely unintentional. I just really didn't have time to plan outfits and shoots. I started two new work projects towards the end of August and once fashion week was over I really had to jump into things and get them rolling. Just like anything new, it took me time to get used to this new schedule and flow of things. So far it's great!!! I work with and for intelligent, kind and amazing people and it's truly a blessing. How do I get so lucky? It baffles me. I'm for the most part getting into the swing of things which means more blog posts are coming. Yay! To whoever is reading this thank you for tuning in<3 Outfit details are below!

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