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Mini Apartment Tour feat. Macaron Cafe


Mini Apartment Tour feat. Macaron Cafe

Chanel Robinson

As expected, decorating my apartment is a work in progress.

But.. today i'm giving you all a mini mini sneak peak of my apartment in Bushwick (featuring a box of Macaron Cafe macarons<3)!

The Bedroom | You can't tell in the photo, but my room is extremely small. My tufted leather headboard adds a nice 'plush' touch to my room. I'm obsessed with it. The fresh white roses are from Matt. He drunkenly bought them for me outside of a club in Chelsea last weekend..  what a sweetie <3 The fake plant behind it(similar), I toted two of them on the subway during rush hour from TJ Maxx. I've never felt more annoying. In my defense they were on a really good sale. Only $37 for both. Love love love TJ Maxx.

The Living Room | A pop of red shouldn't be surprising guys. Fell in love with this couch from Walmart. Yes, Walmart. They actually have decent furniture! At my budget Ikea is sort of the go-to place and I didn't want my apartment to look "straight-out-of-Ikea" ya know? So I did my research and found a few other equally affordable places to buy furniture with a whole bunch of different styles. 

The Bathroom | Definitely favorite part of our apartment.  Haven't done any decorating in here except the shower curtain(similar|similar|similar) that came with my old apartment. All the different textures in the room make it easy to get away with.

The Kitchen | Every now and then when I decide to not order Seamless I throw down in here. The vase(similar)and utensil set(similar) came with my old place.

That's all you guys get for now. A big thank you to Macaron Cafe for sending over these Macarons to Bushwick all the way from 59th st. If you're in New York stop by. If you're anywhere else in the US or Canada you can order a box online at Macaron Cafe. I'm eating them as I write this post and they are amazing<3