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Living & Working In New York


Living & Working In New York

Chanel Robinson

Helloooo everyone! I felt like I've been waiting to upload this outfit for forever. Life has just been LIFE and I'm officially an adult guys, AH & New York has just spoon fed me the most terrifying and humbling experience this past week/month. But finally.. I can breathe.

Threadsence Mesh Sweater | Bloody Fabulous Bralette | Charlotte Russe Striped Romper | Chanel Boyfriend Bag | Topshop Copenhagen Sneakers

So the original plan was for Matt to move here, my current lease to end, one of my roommates move out and then my other two that I love + Matt and I would split our apartment in half. Things were on course until the apartment management company failed a code enforcement inspection which led to the construction of a wall built at the top of our stairs cutting off HALF of our apartment. Yes. half. Matt and I's half. The upstairs is the kitchen, living room, three bedrooms and 2 full baths. Which seems like a decent amount of space but it isn't enough. So the apartment search continued and thank the heavens we found an amazing place just a few blocks away (will blast your feed with pics just wait), still in Bushwhack, closer to the subway AND A WASHER AND DRYER and a dishwasher. We're all so excited!! And we will all be moving in next Friday. So yeah apartment situation: check!

Now.. onto my job situation. As I've posted all over Twitter, Facebook, here on my blog and Instagram- I was renewing my contract at my internship for another six months! That was the plan.. or so I thought. To sum it up, that did not happen. I found out last Friday that I had two weeks to find a job.. in New York. Now the reasoning behind this makes actual perfect sense. Very logical but two weeks notice?! I basically spent all of last weekend crying, drinking wine and applying my butt off to jobs. Luckily, in my field (social media management) there are a lot of opportunities in New York. I had an interview today and just found out hours ago that I have a job again! THANK GOD. Job: check!

Scariest 6 days of my life, and definitely top 3 worst moment of my life finding out all this. Regardless, a lesson was learned. Never take anything for granted. Especially when you're across the country and your family can't really be there for you to fall back on. I'm officially an adult now and just like that, my life has completely been turned upside down and I did whatever it takes to land on my feet. Next Friday I'll be in a completely different apartment and working a new job. All something I hadn't planned on doing for at least another six months. But that's just life. 

"God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better"