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Office Wear Styling Tips


Office Wear Styling Tips

Chanel Robinson

As promised, I have a very exciting announcement today.

So about three months into my internship, I decided that things were going very well- i'm learning a ton, i'm gaining amazing experience and I'm really contributing to the company i'm working for... so maybe 6 months isn't long enough. I'm also working in my dream city right in the heart of Soho, one of the prettiest neighborhoods ever... so how could i leave all this anytime soon to go back to a city i've lived in for the past 14 years of my life. 

I just knew that I had to stay in New York City.

And of course life couldn't go on without Matt, so just last week he's officially joined me here too. Right now we're apartment searching and have our eyes on a few places, but it's really happening.. we're moving to New York!!!

Still seems surreal that i'm here. I've dreamt about this for so long. I've said this before and i'll say it again. If I want something, i'll get it. It's really as simple as that. I love Seattle and appreciate the people in the small but amazing fashion community that have always supported me, but it's now time to move on. When it came to fashion blogging, I can't lie, back home i was a big fish in a little pond. It was a little difficult leaving all that to become the complete opposite in New York. But i'm up for the challenge. And I have my partner in crime (Matt) right next to me. 

Logistics wise, I'll be signing my renewed contract tomorrow- extending my internship until December. Matt just freaking got a job today in Tribeca(so proud of him). Now all we need is an apartment... hopefully this goes as smooth as it did when I first got here. 

Any who, thanks for everyone that's been rooting for me. I promise you, you'll want to keep watching. Only good things happen in nyc baby!

Now.. onto some Not-Boring Office Wear Styling Tips:

  1. BELT IT - I'm such a fiend for belting lately. Literally everything. The light weight jacket I have on in this post, my heavy grey trench coat, my ankle length sweater robe, oversized button ups.. everything! I'm pretty skinny so throwing a belt onto something instantly gives me some curves. Plus, it makes you look more put together.
  2. PRINTS - Keep them subtle, nothing too loud or crazy. My rule of thumb is to only wear muted color or neutral print patterns. Whether its a top or bottom, I only wear print on half my body. The other half I'll add a different texture or just keep it plain. I never want to look like I have too much going on. Keep things easy on the eyes.
  3. TRY TRENDS - Some trends yes. Like oversized button ups, tasseled leather loafers, white sneakers and midi skirts. But please no fringe leather jackets or red/black flannels. The 20 year old in me fights myself every morning on this, but I have to know whats best. Plus, this makes the weekend so much more exciting. I literally live for dressing up for my photo shoots on the weekend. And now that the sun is out you best believe I'm wearing my distressed denim and shorts on the weekend too.

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