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1164 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States

Random Sample Sales in Chelsea Market


Random Sample Sales in Chelsea Market

Chanel Robinson

As promised on Twitter, right now you should be listening to a song Matt and his music group, Minority $ociety, just dropped! Literally just listened to it for the first time yesterday and totally cried.

Such a sweet, adorable and romantic gesture of Matt to talk about us <3 I was definitely hesitant and scared in taking on this 6 month internship in New York, due to our relationship. But I knew it'd be silly to not give up on this opportunity and so did Matt. Doing long distance with Matt hasn't been ideal but he makes it so so worth it! In the song he's talking about our first weekend together in NYC. It was literally the best weekend ever and it definitely deserved a song lol. The song is called 'Today, I Miss You' and is embedded below. Click through to download if you like it!

Photography by Osha Waiters