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How To: Skirts-Into-Shirts


How To: Skirts-Into-Shirts

Chanel Robinson

The worst of winter is over and spring is here! This past weekend was the first time in weeks that the temperature was above freezing! It even reached 51º. So awesome!!!! Spring is basically here and I can finally quit wearing my ugly puffy North Face to work and switch up my wardrobe. *Note To Self: I'm investing in a really cute every day coat for next Winter. I officially hate my North Face. 

For this outfit, I've always wanted to try out wearing a skirt as a top. You can thank Man Repeller for this inspo. She's quite the master at wearing skirts over pants so i put in a little twist and made this 'diy corsette'. I've seen this look done with full midi skirts and 'bubble skirts' as well. I definitely suggest you give this a try! My only tip is to wear the right bra: Since this skirt wasn't made to be worn as a top, obvi, and I had to tie my waist belt around me to keep the skirt on, I had to make sure I wasn't wearing too padded of a bra. I tried that once and the skirt kept sliding down. If you're trying this with a skirt that doesn't require a belt you should be good!

One of my favorite things about living in New York is being able to see street style IRL. After being confined in Seattle, always being the best-dressed in the room, seeing an outfit that truly inspires me within hands reach in an element like New York City is such an magical feeling I hope never gets old. I get to see so many different styles and interpretations of fashion and who the people are behind them. Where they're going, whether they are in a rush or have time to kill, the type of people they're with, their family etc. After I shot this outfit, Osha and I were on our way to another shoot location and we saw this dad with a baby stroller and one of those graffiti canvas Chanel backpacks lol. Something i've never seen before, but not surprising for Soho.

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