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1164 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States

Back To The Big Apple


Back To The Big Apple

Chanel Robinson

My little mini-trip to Seattle has officially come to an end. No matter how much I fall in love with New York, I get so excited to come back home to see my family. Keeping in touch with them is the hardest thing about living across the country.

I'm a social media maniac, so whenever they want, they can tune into my Snapchat story or scroll through my Twitter/Instagram to see what i'm doing. I wish I could say the same for them -__-. Minus my 8 year old brother, my 16 and 22 year old brother are not as active on social media as I'd like them to be. So now, when I come home after being gone for two months, one has a girlfriend, the other has a new job and just a whole bunch of little things here and there have happened that I'm normally in the loop about. It's weird.. but good. That's what I have to remember. Me, moving all the way across the country by myself, in pursuit to advance my career is a good thing. It's an amazing thing. I've always known I'd want to live in New York, but if you would've told me just a year ago I'd be here today.. I wouldn't have believed you. At one point last summer I was getting things in order to move to Capitol Hill in Seattle. I even looked at a few places. Then I changed my mind, was set on moving to New York for an internship, and then boom it happened. My grandma says I'm really stubborn. She wasn't too keen of me just making impulsive decisions like this. But I say, when I want something, I get it. I really don't take no for an answer if it's something i'm passionate about and somehow, it always ends up magically working itself out. 

Photography by Osha Waiters

Nordstrom Leith Color Block Sweater

H&M Tote Bag

Forever 21 Pants

Charlotte Russe Mules