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NYFW, Valentine's Day & Our 1st Weekend in NYC Together!

Matt And Chanel

Happy Lunar New Year! I seriously can't believe it's already Thursday. This week/weekend has gone by so fast, yet so many things have happened. I seriously had the most amazing weekend with Matt.

I hadn't seen him for about three weeks, it was Valentines Day weekend, New York Fashion Week AND All Star Weekend! So we knew we had to go all out.

Photography by Osha Waiters

So, this day started off kind of lame. His flight was delayed and I got stuck in traffic in a taxi on my way to meet him so we missed out on the final day of the Nylon Gansevoort Retreat :(. But it's ok we had a little fun with Nylon Magazine a few days later(I'll come back to this). Note to self: never try and take a taxi from upper Manhattan to JFK on a cold winter day during rush hour. Why? Because everyone wants to drive when its 18º out and a 30 minute ride will turn into 2 hours. To make it even worse, my phone was on the brink of dying, so no entertainment & the taxi tv literally played the same 4 segments over and over and over. So bored. New York freeways aren't that scenic either. 

So after I finally made it to the airport and Matt managed to navigate around the full-on movie set going on in his terminal we dropped off his bags and headed straight to Madison Square Garden for the NBA All Star Celebrity Game! This was both our first time at Madison Square Garden, and it is seriously such a nice stadium. The show was actually pretty funny too. Kevin Hart makes anything funny lol. We both prefer his stand ups or just random one-liners opposed to the roles he actually gets casted for. We also got to watch Magic! perform. Not their biggest fan(idk who really is) but I'll admit to shamelessly singing along to Rude this past summer. Multiple times. Overall, the day started off a bit chaotic, but it ended on a good note back at mi casa in Bushwick. Ayyy!

Saturday - Valentine's Day!
So our agenda for Saturday was photo shoot at Lincoln Center, some random event in Soho for All Star Weekend, our V Day dinner and then shopping in Soho! The day pretty much went as planned except we missed out on our second event of the weekend lol. Sluffin. But ahhh so worth it. Lincoln Square was crazy with all the street style photos. It was very similar to what I imagined, but so much different to actually witness and be apart of it. We already had plans with my lovely friend Osha for pics, but literally the second she started snapping pics of us, like 5 other photographers interrupted! It was crazy! Top 10 best moments of my life. Borderline paparazzi. I haven't been able to track down all the photos taken, but one ended up on Essence and one smart street style photog gave us his card. After that, we stayed around and soaked in the street style for a little. It's one thing to click through a street style gallery online and another to witness it in person. I can't think of a word to describe it lol but it's just better. 

So to my surprise, Lincoln Center was actually located in Upper West Side(Not Lower ES idk why i thought this) and our dinner reservations at Rosa Mexicano were in the Upper East Side, so after we froze our butts off waiting for our Uber we got to dinner and unwound. We really started to enjoy our Valentine's Day together. So many special and memorable moments had already happened this weekend and it was just so elating to be able to relax and devour guacamole with my love <3 Yes, I got a diamond necklace and roses that day(I'm so spoiled sometimes, it literally makes my stomach curl) as well, but nothing and I mean nothing beats going through this adventurous stage of life with Matt. We have very very similar interests and personalities (Cancer's) which makes a weekend in New York for both of us so enjoyable no matter what we do. Ended the night off with a cheap bottle of White Zinfandel. After we finished it and noticed we felt absolutely nothing we saw it was only 6%. Oh well.

Sunday was a nice 10º so we pretty much planned to stay home all day. We eventually ended up caving and went over to Soho bundled up as ever and went shopping at a few place's Matt wanted to check out while he was in town (APC & Westerlind). But yeah straight back home after that because WHOA 10º is not crackin.

Matt's last day :/ I recently bought a Canon T3i so we wanted to get a good photo shoot in for the both of us, before he left. While we were getting ready we got invited to Nylon's Street Style Drone Shoot! We were already planning to shoot in the Soho area so we headed over to their offices and met the Nylon crew/ a few other street style stars and shot our looks with their drone! I'll post or tweet the final outcome for you guys. After that we shot a few outfits of our own and headed home so he could pack and leave me to be a loner again :/ I guess that's what I get for moving across the country for an internship. 

Overall, despite the below freezing almost inhabitable conditions of New York's weather- a weekend in New York is always a good idea. 

P.S. Shop our outfits from outside Lincoln Square at the bottom of this post!