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Weekends In Seattle

Matt And Chanel

Wassup world? As some of you may have noticed on Instagram, Chanel came back for the holiday weekend!

Aside from the photo shoot we did with our friend Susan this past weekend, we were able to get in some quality time with our friends, families and of course each other. One of our main goals for when she came back was to eat at Nate's Wings & Waffles, but that dream fell short again when Chanel accidentally made me drive to the restaurant during their dead period before dinner time! It's alright though, I guess I'll go eat there by myself sometime this week and just send her pictures lmao. *Hi guys, Chanel interrupting here. First off, I told Matt they were going to be closed earlier that day and we BOTH forgot. Also, if he goes to Nate's without me... oh hell no."

Obviously Chanel coming back this weekend was a high point, but can you believe the damn Seahawks pulling off one of the best comebacks ever against the Packers this past weekend!!? Like foreal, lets think about this, you're down 2 possessions with 4 minutes left in the NFC Championship, 9 times out of 10 your season is over. I swear to God I hardly ever cry, but when Russell Wilson was giving his post game speech I felt like crying with the brotha lol. *Chanel here again. Matt didn't cry. But WHOA he was sweating during the last quarter. I think a lot of people were. Such an insane game. 

Soooo about these outfits, *Matt seems to have extreme luck everytime we go thrifting. Literally two days before we found his green trench at Value Village, he was sending me pics and links of a few that he wanted. He wanted one so bad and then boom the perfect one in his size was just waiting for us... for only $35! Such a good find. I love it when he wears this coat. It makes him look very well put together. So fall<3 When I bought the green dress I'm wearing from Zara, I knew the two would look great together! So we planned it out and brought in the grey beanie and coat to tie us all together. This is by far our favorite outfit out of the looks we shot this weekend. We put in some styling effort but the best part was how comfy we were just strolling around Seattle in them. The outfit we shot prior to this contained stiff button-up shirts for the both of us. So we were so relieved to change into this one. Even though we didn't get to eat at Nate's, I finally got to go back to favorite Sushi place Factoria. I never thought I'd miss there of all places, but there really isn't as many sushi spots here in nyc. It was so so so nice to be home this weekend. Not only did I miss Matt like crazy, but I missed out on Christmas with the fam so it was nice to see them all together. There were three birthdays this past week, so we had a little party when I got back <3. Anywho, stay tuned for the next few posts. Matt and I have our first collaboration together AND he even has his 1st solo collaboration of his own on the way! So excited and proud of him!

Photography by Zen C. Photography

Peace & Love,
Matt & Chanel