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A Walk in Central Park


A Walk in Central Park

Chanel Robinson

So guys... did I surprise you? Welcome to Matt & Chanel. 

Blogging has brought so much joy and happiness in my life that i'd never thought I'd ever experience. It's crazy all the opportunities a blog can open up and all the knowledge you'll learn. So whenever I hear any of my friends or co-workers saying they kinda-might want to start a blog, I'll be the first one in their ear telling them to do it! I love helping other bloggers succeed and letting them in on everything I've learned on the way. I'm not saying I'm a really accomplished blogger(I have so much more I want to do), but I've definitely built up a list of must-do's and don'ts in the blogging world. And I feel there is no reason for me not to share. It may seem like the 'blogging industry' is cut throat, but really at the end of the day we're just here to please, support and inspire our followers. Am I right? (If this isn't the prime goal of your blog and you're having trouble with engagement, then maybe you should dig into what your actual followers really want to see.)

OK ANYWAY, so back to Matt & Chanel. When my boyfriend showed an interest in fashion and started submitting his personal outfits to different outlets, I thought hey.. we should team up! Not only is he an amazing person, boyfriend and bestfriend that also shares the same sense of humor, food taste, and personal interests as me- he also is pretty dam attractive I must say and photographs really well. I'm always looking for a way to revamp and refresh everything in my life and why not liven up my relationship and blog by combining the two? He clearly showed an interest and I already have a somewhat established platform so lets do the dam thang baby! You should hear us when we are planning outfits out for shoots. We get so excited and into it lol i love it. Especially now that we're doing long distance, a lot of our Skype calls consist of us sending each other links back and forth to really cool pieces online or some crazy outfit inspo we found. It's no lie, that we truly do possess a love for fashion. And it brings me so much joy to have him included in something I hold so close to my heart. 2015 I'm so ready for you. Even more so with my love by my side <3

P.S. I'm so serious about truly enjoying giving advice to other bloggers starting out. Please email me any questions or anything at ALSO, now that there is a men's fashion element on the blog, feel free to 1) direct your man friends here and 2) if you're a guy and already here, shoot Matt a message of any looks/trends you want to see or questions you might have to the same email above. 

Thanks again for tuning in and I can't wait to show you all what 2015 has in store!!!

Photography by Osha Waiters

Forever 21 Cropped Black Sweater

Forever 21 Camel Coat

Sassy Goodnight Paloma Skirt

Nordstrom Report Signature Allon Booties