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1164 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States


Greetings from NYC!

Matt And Chanel

Alright, so as you all may know.. I'm in NYC! I've been planning this big move since the end of Summer and I still can not believe I'm like ACTUALLY here.
The past week and a half have just been pretty much magical. I haven't felt this type of drive and pure happiness for life in a long time. To be exact, it's been a little over a year and a few months since I have. All the way back to after I started my blog: I speak about this moment a lot, but I will never forget the day H&M reached out to me and offered me my first HUGE collaboration, it's like my whole world became bigger and brighter and my goals so much more clearer. At that moment I realized like hey I'm not a small blogger anymore and maybe I have something going on. Such a good good feeling! That lasted awhile and eventually left a few months later when my mom passed away. I'm not going to get too into but I will say she was my #1 fan, by far. Not just with my blog, but just with life in general. Anytime I got any exciting news she was always the first person I'd call, always. And after she passed it was just really hard getting back that drive and happiness I felt before. It was almost like if I'm not doing it for her, who am I doing it for? Yes, I have the few thousand of you that check out my blog each month but ugh life is just hard in general when your mom passes away, ok? But anyways back to what I was saying- that optimistic and magical feeling I once I once felt is is finally back.

It came back probably midday last Tuesday. It was my second day at my internship and I was.. killing it! I was like wow. Ok. You're doing it. They asked you to travel across the country for a reason and you're reassuring them that they made the right decision. You did it. The whole month of November my anxiety was in and out and then the final week before I had to leave- it was so so so bad. I was excited of course but so nervous. I was on my way to intern at a global digital ad agency in one of the most prized neighborhoods in the city, Soho. The city and the new job was all something so unfamiliar to me I was sick to my stomach. My boyfriend threw me a surprise get-together and I was fighting my anxiety through the whole dinner. It was scary having such big obligations and commitment on the line, and still not being truly confident that I could do it. But here I am two weeks ago from that dinner and I fucking did it. I flew into New York on a Friday night, found an apartment Saturday morning, moved in Sunday night and started work on Monday and.. killed it! Everyday I get off work and walk down Prince St towards Broadway. I pass by the cutest red brick, walk-up town homes, this cute little macaron stand and amazing stores like & Other Stories, Fendi, Miu Miu and it's all so liberating. Like yessss I'm finally in a fashion capital. Like yes, a high percentage of strangers on the street will actually appreciate the outfits I put together. And omg, yessss there is nothing like real life street style inspiration. I've already cloned a few outfit techniques from random people walking around. It's just so awesome. Everything I assumed and more. A few of my coworkers aren't from New York originally as well and the feelings are mutual. It's just truly a magical place and I can't help but to think my mom had something to do with all my luck these past couple of days. My apartment has my mom written all over it. It's super modern, stainless steel, tons of natural light, high ceilings and very big for nyc standards. My mom would have absolutely loved it and wouldn't wanted as bad as I did. Also, I'm working in a loft-style office and it's just so modern and hip. It's on the 16th floor with an amazing view of the city. The company brings us treats or food pretty much everyday. Also, everyone their has been extremely kind to me. It's perfect! The other day I posted a pic on ig and the caption went something like "NYC has been so good to me" and I really couldn't be more honest with that statement. New York City is a dream come true. Finally!

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