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Pipe & Row Is In Seattle, H&M Has Gift Labels & I'm Moving?!

Matt And Chanel

Today's post: a little bit about me,  a new boutique in Seattle AND a cute way to give back this holiday season. 

So get ready for a good ol' long post!

First, I'll start with the outfit: I can't exactly recall how I came about Pipe & Row's Instagram but that doesn't even matter because I did. And I'm so so happy that I did. As I've stated many times before, Seattle is not a fashion capital. A lot of people may be aware of the latest trends being worn in all the major cities of the world, but rarely do Seattleites actually take the plunge and invest in it. It's just not a big necessity here. I can even second that. I freaking love Nasty Gal's clothing. One of my favorite online destinations for clothing. But in all honestly it never crosses my mind to actually buy something from there. The two items I own from Nasty Gal were purchased with a $100 gift card I magically won from them one day via Instagram. But I mean honestly, the whole plunging and investing definitely has a lot to do with my budget (i'm a college student). When I really sit down and look at where I buy majority of my clothes and shoes it's most definitely H&M, Nordstrom Rack and this cute little boutique I work At (WHICH MY LAST DAY IS ON SATURDAY :/ I'LL GET MORE INTO THAT LATER ON IN THIS POST)! Any who, I totally never went into the outfit, but my main point was that Seattle will most likely not be getting a Nasty Gal storefront anytime soon and really cool Australian labels like Cameo and The Fifth are nowhere to be found around here until now... say hello to Pipe + Row!! When I found their Instagram and saw they were carrying Cameo the first thing that popped into my little fashion blogger mind was 'collaboration'. And then boomed it happened. On todays post my long sleeve tee, tank and shorts are all from Pipe + Row. All the brands and yadiyada will be at the bottom of this post. This is 1 of 3 outfits I styled with them so stay tuned for two more!! And for all you Seattleites yearning for some Aussie labels they are located in Fremont!

Ok now on to a little more about me. I'll just skip straight to the point and come out and say I'm moving to New York for 6 months!!!! :D I leave next Friday. Like this is really happening. Finally. This whole move has nothing to do with my blog but then again it kind of does. I will be doing a 6 month internship for a digital ad agency located in the heart of Soho Manhattan. Dream. Come. True. Like literally out of all the internships I applied for this was the perfect one. Here's the twist tho, they have no fashion clients! But wait you're like a fashion blogger majoring in marketing why wouldn't you want to intern in fashion? How does this have to do with your blog? Well I mean honestly with all the little collabs, events and reading up on Fashionista I've gotten a pretty decent look at how marketing in the fashion industry works. What I really need to get a grasp on are the basics of marketing and all the latest technology and aydjhskjhdkas. Basically, fashion is a very very personal interest of mine and I can tie it back to almost anything, including any knowledge of marketing. Also I feel like at the moment it'd be so weird and almost too much to be a fashion blogger and work in the fashion industry. Like I feel like i'd be devoting a lot of my life to a industry that in return has given me 'woo-hoo'- a couple thousand followers and a few free items every now and then. Over the past few months there has been some mild fashion blogger drama within Seattle and it's made me realize how caught up I was in it all. Like I need some 'normalness' in my life. As i'm writing this, last night was my first time seeing some of my closest friends since the beginning of summer! Like who does that? Yes, I've been busy with school and work as well but the fact that I was able to just cut off and not see my friends for that long of time is so not normal to me. And yes, technically I'm doing it again by going off to New York, but this time around I'm definitely keeping them as a priority. I'll be alone in this amazing city and will need all the support and comfort from back home I can get! Also on a side note I'm going to be doing long distance with my boyfriend which is like.. UGH :( He's so worth it though. So worth it <3. But yeah my last day at Simply Chic is this Saturday and next freaking Friday morning I am off to New York City. I'll definitely be updating my Instagram and Twitter frequently throughout this journey so get ready! Also, if there is any bloggers or idk not creepy people reading this that reside in nyc; hit me up! I'm definitely trying to take advantage of these next 6 months so I'd love to like idk grab coffee and talk fashion or go to all the cool events that happen there! I know there's a few of you that I mutually follow on Insta so I'm definitely trying to connect. Everyone else: if you want to see a sort of behind the scenes glimpse of my life in nyc and well leading up to my flight in this next week add me on snapchat! My username is chanel_robinson <3 I'll be snapping away! I'm so addicted lately. Love the updates. Like what you can send money now? AH. Technology is so cool.

To find out the cute little way to give back this holiday season scroll alllll the way down to the bottom of this post!

Photography by Connor Surdi

Pipe + Row JOA Button Up(similar)
Shoe Dazzle GX by Gwen Stefani Lace Up Heels


It is my joy to spread the news to you all about H&M's latest way of giving back: GIFT LABELS!
Available both online and in-store, every set of gift labels sold, the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate double the sales price to the Care Organization! So if you're running low on gift labels from last year, H&M is the perfect place to pick up a set of new ones as well as a few gifts for your loved ones. Below I've picked a few of my faves from their Gift Giving selection. Enjoy!