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My 1st Youtube Video Ever!!!! A Fall 2014 Haul [Video]

Matt And Chanel

Yes. I'm so excited to finally announce that the day has come.
As stated on Instagram, this is just "another fun step i've been 
DYING to take on this whole fashion blogging journey".
I can't tell you how much joy and amazing experiences this blog  of mine has brought me.
It's truly a beautiful thing when a passion and a career go hand in hand.

Today I present to you
not only my 1st Youtube Video ever, but 
also a few of my Fall necessities!
I will most likely be adding to these over the next couple of months.
But these few items are definitely a great start!

Also, just forewarning there is a very inappro--pro, but cute kitty in this video LOL.
You're in for a treat.

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