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Turtleneck, Ombre Midi Skirt & Leather Booties

Matt And Chanel

Happy Fall everyone! 
I never really find myself in the summer missing Fall.
But it's here and i'm actually kind of excited.

I've lightened my work load this Fall so I can really focus on school
and some future REALLY exciting plans. 
I just can't quite announce that yet!
But i'll give you guys a hint: Apple...

Bought this turtleneck from Simply Chic last January.
I think it was only like $17 or $27 and its a must-have-basic.
I've also styled it here and here.
When all else fails just throw on a turtleneck #instantclass.
Because seriously who fucks with a girl in a turtleneck?
I threw it on with this Ombre Slit Midi Skirt because I LITERALLY
couldn't find anything else to match it.
This skirt is so awesome but it's a little out of my taste zone.
I bought it at Nordstrom a little while ago when I was preparing for Sasquatch.
Never ended up wearing it this whole summer because I felt a tank top or crop top didn't do it justice.
Finally, I got into the fall mood and a turtleneck popped up in my head.
Paired it with some  socks and my favorite patent leather boots and wa-la!

Photography by Erica Nichole

Simply Chic Basic Turtleneck