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My Summer at David Barton Gym! #LookBetterNaked

Matt And Chanel

Staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle of it's own, so why not do it in style?

This summer I got to spend my sweaty and pain-aching moments 
inside David Barton Gym! 
There's only 11 of these gems on this planet and Seattle is home 
to a VERY very beautiful one.

What's all the hype about?

Upon arriving to David Barton Gym you roll through The Bravern. 
The whole "mall" you could say is very... plush.
You can find stores like Hermes, Trophy Cupcakes, Louis Vuitton,
and just recently opened, Gucci. 
Tucked right in front of the valet parking you'll find David Barton Gym!

You'd think with European giants as neighbors a gym would be out of place.
But all 56,000 sq. ft. of David Barton's rare and modern landscape definitely define luxury.
As said before, I am an aesthetic whore. 
So to bring such an innovative and beautiful twist to a gym 
really gets my heart beat going.
Before I even hit the treadmill.

Why workout anywhere else?

Because it's cheaper. Nope actually not quite!
I did my research and it turns out compared to many other 
health clubs in the area, 
David Barton is very competitively priced.
The gym is filled with beautiful interiors as well as 
all the top of the line equipment you need to get in shape.

There's also a sauna, a steam room, a yoga studio, 
a group cycling studio, a pilates studio and valet parking!

My main focus this summer was just getting back into shape all over.
Growing up I was always super active with soccer, competitive cheer, and gymnastics.
Once college hit there was an epic downhill turn of events.
I just stopped working out completely.
Except for when the 30 day squat challenge got really popular.
I did that for about 8 days.

I wouldn't say I've gained back my slim athletic body back from my high school days.
I do see a little definition coming on though :D.
I think the biggest change i've seen since I've started working out at DBG
would be my outlook on life and energy levels.
It's truly amazing how much a workout can boost your mood.
The perfect cure for when you're feeling down in a rut.

A fashion show? Yes, because why not?

Among the many events that are thrown at David Barton,
my favorite this summer was the Seneca & Spruce Emerge Fashion Show.
The runway took place on the beautiful blue-lit walkway entrance of the gym.
Over 250 Seattleites showed up and were presented with a few
of the Northwest's top emerging designers.
It was a beautiful night!
The bar and food were compliments of Blue Martini, another Bravern neighbor.
Oh, and yes there is a bar inside David Barton.
You can see more pictures from the event here.

A huge thanks to the David Barton team for this collaboration!
I had a blast this summer <3