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Orange Is The New Black. Just Add A Leather Harness

Matt And Chanel

I bet you could see that post title coming from a mile away..

So unoriginal. But whatever, it's like that sometimes.

Got this dress as a gift from my grandparents when they came back
from Vietnam a few years ago.
It's really quite rare and super unique!

Now.. on to the leather harness.
This thing is bad ass. Straight up.
I've always wanted one ever since I started following Zana Bayne on insta.
Zana Bayne is THE Leather Harness lady.
That is what she does and she does it very very well.
A few months ago I went on a mad mad hunt for one of my own. 
I was off to one of the most epic festivals in Washington(Sasquatch) and I needed
an epic statement piece to take with me.
I walked up and down 
Broadway in Capitol Hill (hipster maven of Seattle(also where Sir Mix A Lot and his posse were at)), 
wandering into boutique after boutique hoping I'd find one and I had no luck.
Actually I take that back.. I found one.
I found one at Doghouse Leathers and the only thing 
stopping me from buying it was that it harnessed all the way down to your.. yeah.

LONG STORY SHORT, I finally ended up finding 
this lovely harness at... BCBG.
Surprising, right?
Kind of.
The "harness trend" was super big on the runway for Spring 2013.
Other designers like Jason Wu, DSquared2, & Versace
followed along as well.

So there you have it, the leather harness.

Oh, and the big-clunky-leather-sandals-that-are-too-big-for-me are from H&M.
I ended up selling them on Poshmark after this shoot.

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography