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DIY Sweater Skirt

Matt And Chanel

Omg color.. and lots of it.
With Summer coming to an end, I thought I'd go out with a bang.
I received this awesome necklace for my birthday last month from the wonderful Simply Chic staff.
It goes perfectly with this crop top from Nordstrom

They were a match mate in heaven.
My big dilemma was that I couldn't find bottoms to match.
I didn't want to go with black bottoms because that just felt so predictable and safe.
I couldn't do white because the bright colorful pattern on my shirt was on white
and white pants just seemed like way too much white.
I wanted something that would make all the colors pop.
Good ol' denim wasn't a good choice either.
I was also struggling with the length of the crop top.
It's a bit awkward for my torso.
If I did a tight fitting bottom I would just look like a straight stick.
So I had to keep the proportions in mind.
I've been told that since I'm super skinny everything looks good on me,
but that is definitely not the case. 
I have no hips, so I have to keep that in mind when I dress myself.

I'm telling you, putting this outfit together was a struggle!

At last, I had a photo shoot coming up and I knew I wanted to have this top and necklace included.
I stared at my closet and the only thing that was even in the same color scheme was this 
bright blue sweater from Nordstrom Rack I picked up a few months ago.

Thats when things got real creative lmao. 
I stuck my feet through the neck of the sweater, pulled it up and tied a knot.
Wa-la! A knit sweater skirt?
I guess it kind of works. 
The fabric was thick enough that it leveled out my proportions on the bottom.
Also the color went perfectly.
I'll be honest, this outfit looked a lot better in my mirror than it did on camera but HEY.
You get the point. 

You could probably make your own "sweater-skirt"
with any long sleeved t-shirt or sweater you've got lying around!
It was really quite easy and I can still use the sweater again.
Luckily, this whole sleeves tied around the waist thing is in trend!

Photography by Erica Nichole

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