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My Everyday Rings

Matt And Chanel

My New Years Resolution? Quality over quantity.

And by that, I mean I totally banned myself from Forever 21 this. 
No more buying cheap 10 packs of rings just so they can tarnish the second a rain drop hits them.
No more $5 tank tops that start to ball up the second time I wash them.
None of dat!
In a sense, I began to have a minimalist approach to my wardrobe
There is only a certain amount of space in my closet, so this year 
any item I purchased had to pass a few tests:
1) How often will you wear this?
2) How long will this last?
3) Is this timeless?
4) Or will it loose its quality before it even goes out of style?

You'd think my monthly budget for shopping would 
have sky rocketed by buying better quality stuff.
But not exactly.
For rings, as long as you pay a few extra bucks and make sure the band is 
sterling silver or cubic zirconia, it won't tarnish.
Yes, you could get ten rings at Forever 21 or H&M for the same price.
But nothing is tackier than walking around with tarnished rings.
That ain't rose gold girl!

My favorite part of this improvement is my everyday ring selection.
I've narrowed it down to just a few and I feel it gives my look a timeless cohesiveness.
My rings are the one thing you can totally expect me to wear everyday.
My identity pretty much!
My latest and favorite add to my collection?
My Perfect Diamond Band from Anjolee Diamond!
Anjolee specializes in diamond rings and all sorts of beautiful jewelry.
They can also substitute the diamonds out for Cubic Zirconia, like they did for me.
You can see mine on the picture right above this text, it's the one on my pointer finger.
I always get a ton of compliments on it.
I think I've fooled a few people because it really shines like real diamonds!
Coming from a jewelry retailer like Anjolee that specializes in fine diamonds, this makes sense.
Check them out here.