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My Blogger Interview With Seneca & Spruce!

Matt And Chanel

Seneca & Spruce is an online magazine and retailer based in Seattle, WA. They relate to the idea of an “emerging designer movement” which highlights the talents and passion of the new and unknown fashion designers of the world.

A few weeks ago I got to style and discuss one of their designers', Tom Ordonio, tops. Below you can learn a little bit more about me and this chic leather top I styled for Seneca & Spruce in my blogger interview! You can also read up on all their other fashion articles or shop their emerging designer selection here!


Seattle Fashion Blogger Styles Our Sleeveless Leather Top by Tom Ordonio 

by Lauren Curtis

This week we got to chat with Chanel Robinson, the face behind the fashion blog Seattle Fashion Blogger. As an editor for us she's always discussing the latest local or national fashion events and news, and as a fashion blogger, Chanel is an expert when it comes to the latest styles and trends. Discover how she styled emerging designer, Tom Ordonio's Sleeveless Leather Top. Available in our online store now.

What made you style this top the way you did?
The top from Tom Ordonio is a  basic leather top. You could easily dress the top up with white or black pants for a typical dressed up look. But in order to make the top stand out I thought I needed to make it casual. So, I paired it with distressed denim shorts, heeled leather boots, and a wide brim hat to balance out the boxy silhouettes of my torso. There's lots of black, but the denim definitely breaks it up. It's a remarkable piece; the cuts, the shoulders, but it's still very simple. Contradicting. If you were to dress it up with a whole bunch of other busy items there will still be too much going on. All the goodness is in the details. I thought it'd be nice to tone it down and really show all the details in the shirt.

It's kind of sexy, without being revealing?
Yeah! The leather and the cut is very sleek and chic.
Where would you wear this? Out on a date?
I'd probably wear this out walking around in Seattle. Especially if I have plans that might transition into the night. This top is very versatile and a really good staple piece.
How did this top fit?
It was pretty comfortable. Wasn't extremely constricting and some looseness. It's almost a $600 leather top so you're not going to go do kart-wheels in it but as far as walking around, socializing, and maybe some respectful dance moves; you're in for a sleek treat.

The facial expressions are great. You aren't Colgate smiling all the time. Are you this cool in real life?
In my pictures I am definitely a lot more serious. Im very smiley in person. Occasionally, I break out a smile but I'm pretty chill in my pictures. They aren't very humorous, I think I laugh a lot more in person. When I'm wearing an outfit in a style post, I want the outfit to show and not my personality too much. I think it works. A lot of my friends say I look really mean in my pictures.

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography

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