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Oversized Grey Trench + Distressed Denim

Matt And Chanel

If you know me you know I luvvv Dom Kennedy.

Also, I think plum is my new lip color.

I used to love me a good red but I just feel a little 
overly festive whenever I wear it now.

My favorite is Va Va Violet from Revlon.
I'm no where near a beauty blogger, so I'm pretty low key
with my makeup choices. 
I think the most expensive makeup product I've purchased
was my Bareminerals. Ha!
While we're on that subject, my shade is Medium Tan.

Majority of my outfit posts on my blog are quite a bit more
dramatic than my every day wear.
This outfit is something very typical that I'd actually wear.
Afterall I'm just a 19 year old college student.
There is absolutely NO occasion I could see myself actually going to 
in a pink tutu.
Yet, I still own one.
That is really the sole purpose why I love this whole blogging thing.
I love a great outfit with a nice trendy outfit.
But my actual lifestyle rarely ever calls for that.
On my blog, I can showcase any outfit I can get my hands on!
Which also leads to LOTS of impulsive buying, oopsie.

Photography by Rachel Davis Photography

H&M Men's Coat
Forever 21 Cropped Sweater
Free People White Tunic (similar)
Nordstrom Rack Bow Flats (similar)
H&M Bag


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