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Urbanity Pha-Real Tee + Leather Slit Skirt

Matt And Chanel

I never want to be TOO girly or TOO street, so I try to balance them both. Together I feel they achieve a good harmony.
Picked this shirt up from a new store in Bellevue, WA (10 minutes from Seattle) called Urbanity. They have ALL the must-have street wear, especially for men. If you're at all Street influenced, I highly suggest you scroll through their Instagram for some eye candy.

I'm finally back to a normal schedule with school and work for the time being. Holiday season was crazy fun and busy for me with work and family. Now I'm ready for a productive and eventful 2014. Especially with my new Keurig I just got for Christmas. Seriously, my favorite gift.

Urbanity Pha-Real Tee
Simply Chic Tear Drop Necklace
Poshmark Lumberjack Flannel
Simply Chic Leather Slit Skirt
Nordstrom Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Heels


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