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1164 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11207
United States

NYC Apartment Tour


NYC Apartment Tour

Chanel Robinson

Hi loves! Here it is. My apartment in full! A while back I posted a mini preview of my apartment here in New York but now that I've had time to decorate a tad bit more I thought I'd film it and share it with you guys. As you may know, living in New York you HAVE to compromise. The living spaces are incredibly small compared to the suburbs I grew up in. Some places in Manhattan I've seen are even smaller than a college dorm room! With my price range and needs I am so happy I found my Bushwick apartment. It's been the perfect transition. It's crazy all the amenities you can get just twenty minutes out from Manhattan. If you have any questions on wher eI purchased anything feel free to check out my original apartment tour here or comment down below :)