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Sorry Not Sorry


Sorry Not Sorry

Chanel Robinson

Military Overalls Olivia Palermo Inspired 2016

Hi loves! I hope you're all ringing in the new year full swing. As you can tell I've been on a major hiatus ever since I left Seattle in the beginning of January. Seeing that I have a new blog name you can probably guess why... To sum it up, I ended 2015 unsatisfied. Last year was full of tangible growth, but that's not enough. I officially moved out of my hometown, I got to decorate my first apartment, I worked in my desired industry, I attended my first NYFW etc. SO many exciting things happened yet I still felt so stagnant because I've realized that i lost sight of developing myself as a person. Why did this happen? I couldn't exactly tell you why, but I know a relationship that wasn't benefiting me in anyway definitely fed into this. So I ended it. There wasn't a crazy blow out or scandal or anything like that. I wasn't happy with mediocrity so I trimmed it out of my life. Minus a few petty comments here and there, I couldn't be any more relieved. I don't regret anything, but I've definitely learned that at 21 I'm too young to be in a serious relationship. And why the hell should I feel the need to be? I was cleaning photos off my old computer when I was back home for the holidays in Seattle and came across a whole bunch of quotes I screenshotted on IG in 2013. I was so positive, optimistic, grounded, independent and inspired. All things I've lost sight of today, but am determined to focus on in 2016. New year, same old me, just revamped.